Closing gaps in student achievement - Investing resources where they are most needed

  • Ensuring discretionary resource allocation is targeted at improving learning outcomes for those students that have too often been excluded in our province and in our district. As examples, indigenous students don’t graduate at the same rate as their peers, students with disabilities and diverse abilities are accommodated but not included and children and youth in care are too often left behind. Addressing inequity is a shared priority of both the Ministry of Education and Child Care and the Chilliwack School District. We have seen improvements but this work must continue to be a priority.
  • Upholding all five core district values as outlined in Policy 110. Equity, Inclusion, Collaboration, Innovation and Kindness are all guiding values when making difficult decisions about resource allocation within a fixed budget.
  • Continuing the work of the Equity Scan to support better practice and improve outcomes for all students.

Improving and Expanding District Infrastructure - Following through on the work outlined in the renewed SD33 Long Range Facilities Plan

  • Continuing the work of replacing portables with more appropriate learning and working environments. New schools and school additions are both priorities.
  • Advocating for the province to fully fund future capital projects. Capital cost share agreements divert operational funding into capital commitments, doing a disservice to students.
  • Working to maintain and improve existing facilities throughout SD33. Every facility in our district should be celebrated and supported; as we look at new school builds and school additions, we need to be mindful of the inequities these investments create within the district.

Early Learning and Early Intervention - Pursuing new opportunities and improved outcomes for our youngest learners

  • Embracing new opportunities within the Ministry of Education and Child Care while advocating for predictable and sustained resources to fully fund these new initiatives. We need certainty and stability in funding so we may be proactive when planning to invest in and support early learning in the Chilliwack School District.
  • Continuing to support current work in SD33 that acknowledges the impact of early learning and early intervention in helping students succeed through transitions in their educational journey.
    Ensuring social and emotional learning is a priority so students are in a position to succeed academically.

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