Looking to the Future

Renewed Relationships

Better Partnerships and Better Outcomes

Active Learning and Outdoor Education

Community Oriented Learning

Tackling our Infrastructure Deficit

Appropriate Planning for our Next Generation of Graduates

Renewed Relations - Better Partnerships and Better Outcomes

The Chilliwack Board of Education needs new energy and new perspective to keep up with our fast growing community. Renewing and re-establishing working relationships with our partners in learning and our partners in the community is essential to providing the best possible outcomes for our students and giving opportunity for the voting members of the board to make better informed decisions.

  • Establishing and expanding working committees can give parents opportunity to be consulted and empowered to take an active part in their children’s education by contributing to the informed decisions of each Trustee
  • The concerns and grievances of district employees need to be heard in good faith and addressed to ensure all parties are in a position to focus on student learning outcomes
  • Education board meetings need to continue to evolve, adopting better practices from other school districts and making room for questions to the board to better inform the conversation before a final decision is made
  • The Board of Education should seek to be represented on more Advisory Committees and Task Forces with the City of Chilliwack and these meetings should be regularly attended by Trustees
Active-Learning and Outdoor Education - Community Oriented Learning

    Chilliwack already has popular and successful outdoor education programs in place but the benefits of outdoor education and active place-based learning should be encouraged in every school looking to bring this approach into their classrooms.

    • Awareness of and pride in Chilliwack can be better fostered through place-based education while active learning has the potential to help foster happier and healthier students
    • Outdoor Education gives opportunity for greater awareness of our environment and changes to it
    • Place-based learning allows our district to continue to expand engagement with the indigenous communities of our region and foster the First People’s Principles of Learning
    • We have every potential to have an Outdoor Education Centre in Chilliwack; I would ask the Board to support staff in exploring the feasibility of developing that resource for our students

      Tackling our Infrastructure Deficit - Appropriate Planning for our Next Generation of Graduates

      As a per student ratio, Chilliwack has more portables than any other district in the province. Furthermore, too many schools have fallen behind in maintaining a minimum level of appropriate infrastructure to meet the needs of students and staff.

      • The Board of Education must find unity in addressing this issue as their first priority in dealings with the Ministry of Education as its impact is a disservice to every student, every employee and every parent in Chilliwack
      • The Board of Education must work to restore the universality of public education in our school district by prioritizing investment in schools that fall short of the minimum level of services
      • Our School Board must work proactively with City Hall to better understand and anticipate growth as planned by the City in Chilliwack’s Official Community Plan