I’ve had the privilege of calling Chilliwack home for the past four years. My wife and I set our roots in this community, and we’ve started a family here with the arrival of our first child last year. We both sought to learn about and invest ourselves in Chilliwack, something that came easily through public service and volunteer work in the community. For myself, this was contributing to the committee work of City Hall, volunteering in our schools to support learning opportunities for students, and forming advocacy groups such as Cycle Chilliwack and Chilliwack Votes. With every year, we’ve learned a little more about the challenges Chilliwack faces and the successes our community has shared.
What I see today is a school district struggling to meet the needs of it’s families and a school board ill equipped to address this need. The public school system across the province is stretched thin, but our circumstance in Chilliwack seems especially dire; Chilliwack School District currently has 93 portables and our rate of growth shows no sign of slowing down. Lack of appropriate infrastructure is one part of our problem but it’s also a failure to consult and empower parents to have a more active role in their child’s education and an inability to maintain good working relationships with the employees of the district. The desire for renewed relationships with our partners in learning, a desire I hear in every catchment area and at every school board meeting, has informed my decision to run for the Chilliwack School Board and to seek your support today.
As an advocate for universal and inclusive education, I want a school board that will deliver more. We need teachers and support staff better equipped and not just told to do more with less. We need adequate classroom space, in the form of new schools and additions or upgrades to existing schools. We need a district where every child is better equipped to succeed. And so I’m asking you to support me as your advocate on the Chilliwack School Board by voting for David Swankey on October 20th.
David Swankey


Looking to the future

Renewed Relationships

Better Partnerships and Better Outcomes

Active Learning and Outdoor Education

Community Oriented Learning

Tackling our Infrastructure Deficit

Appropriate Planning for our Next Generation of Graduates


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